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-  Build a replicant-resistant identity  -

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This system is a living database with new technologies and strategies being updated and added to as they are discovered. For businesses, this means access to, and quick learnings of, each technology through short intense 2-minute videos. Rate each security’s relevance to your business’s specific needs and tally up the winning applications based on your teams group nominations.

Welcome to TESTiMONAa unique approach to anti-counterfeiting selection and application. Designed for exporting Australian businesses wanting to protect brand IP and build consumer trust. Learn from strategies taken from currencies and casinos. Access an online database of short videos that review novel and age old deterrent security technologies and strategies. Select and rate each one to identify those that apply to you and your business. Create a winning hand and trump counterfeiters capabilities. 

The database collection goes beyond the usual and reaches into the novel and heritage security technologies established over time.

Our aim is to inform and equip Australian businesses in understanding their available security options and methods of deterring counterfeiters. The database collection goes beyond the usual and reaches into the novel and heritage security techniques established over time.


This resource can be shared internally within your company upon the top staff members that make key business decisions. Representatives should be taken from management, marketing, packaging, supply chain and other key stakeholders. Together, your team will be able to co-nominate options quickly and eliminate the technologies that do not meet business purposes and budget criteria effectively.


From the remaining selected technologies, learn to bundle the effective securities and create trump cards in the game of counterfeiting. Print out a summary game plan for your business to roll out in dynamic phases. Make it too difficult for tailing counterfeiters to compete through simple but robust identity graphics and purposeful consumer transparency that builds trust and brand protection.  

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Caroline Francis is an established Product Design professional whose career amounts to over 18 years of consultancy industry experience. She has supported multiple consumer good development projects for Australian, American and Asian markets and FMCG projects. She has designed for, and managed, some of Australia’s leading design consultancies including successfully leading the establishment of a design office in Hong Kong.  

Caroline is currently undertaking strategic research at the University of Melbourne which focuses on Effective Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies for Export of Australian Food Packaging. She is also the acting Director of Fordholm R&D Innovation Consultancy, supporting businesses in consumer research, packaging innovation and export links to Asia.

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Tara’s background is in law, policy and creative industries. Her networks from living in China and working in the Asia-Pacific help clients navigate the export labyrinth.

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David brings a complementary set of skills and knowledge of the Asian and New Zealand market with over 15 years in Trade and International Business Development overseas including Economic Development & Trade Policy, Industry and Commercial Roles. His access to the Asian market will provide a strategic approach to delivering , industry trade promotion, consumer insights, new product development, pricing structures and overseas distribution.


David is the architect behind the coordination of the China and Japan teams and the strong relationship developed over many research projects in collaboration with them.


To equip Australian exporting businesses with a go-to living resource that presents Anti-counterfeiting technologies and strategies through short informative video reviews online. 


To enable businesses to review the most applicable options with key stakeholders in their own time and place.

To organise a repertoire of security and branding solutions that can be selected and bundled for phased marketing releases maintaining a dynamic counter-response to counterfeiters.

To create value for both Australia businesses and their consumers.

Be Informed

Be informed of solutions that are commercially offered and understand which ones meet your brands security needs.

Profile Counterfeiters Capabilities

Learn how to profile
Counterfeiters Capabilities and ways to disarm their tools of choice. 


Trump Cards

Allow your business stakeholders to Rank Applicable Solutions according to their area of expertise (such as marketing, packaging, supply chain, product development). 

The winning Co-Created Security Solutions can then be bundled to ensure counterfeiting is trumped by simple and cost-effective layering techniques. 

Build e-Trust

Meaningful Consumer Education and online linkage of your product to your brand home is essential.


Learn how to cross-link through our eCommerce Enrichment Guide. 

Triangulate your brand, your consumers and your products identity to ensure consumer trust is strengthened prior to purchase. 


The TESTiMONA Database was established at the University of Melbourne through the Industry Transformation Research Hub. It stands to unite rigorous research with Industry needs to support Food and Beverage businesses looking to expand and secure international markets. 

We would love to hear from you. If you have any inquires, please email us and we will respond to you within 3 working days.

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